1. Step on the bow stand and grasp the bow with your left hand.
  2. Place your feet straddling the shooting line and stand on the foot prints.
  3. Place your bow on your shoe.
  4. Turn your bow perpendicular to your body. Select an arrow with your right hand, palm facing forward.
  5. Hold the arrow just under the fletching. The main fletching should face yourself.
  6. Nock the arrow at the nocking point. Wait until you you hear a "da" sound.
  7. Gently put the arrow on the arrow rest. DO NOT press down on the arrow.
  8. Fold down your thumb and little finger as if you were saying "I am 3 years old". Place these 3 finger under the arrow on the string.
  9. Raise your bow vertically. Keep your left arm straight. Keep your shoulder down. Turn the inside of your elbow to right.
  10. Pull the string back to your anchor (middle of your chin). The string should touch your nose. Tighted and raise your string hand elbow.
  11. Aim at the target through the bow sight with your right eye.
  12. Relax your fingers. As the arrow flies toward the target, the string hand should go in exactly the opposite direction.
  13. Put the bow back on your shoe and take the 2nd arrow. After shooting all your arrows, put your bow back on bow stand and remain behind the waiting line.

Drawing the arrows out 编辑

  1. Press the target with one hand to protect the target.
  2. Hold the shaft close to point of the arrow.
  3. Look at the nock and make sure nobody is standing in your vicinity.
  4. Draw the arrow.
  5. Put the arrow back in the quiver after drawing it out. Only draw one arrow at a time.

    From 圍紀實驗室, a Wikia wiki.